Enhanced Workflow

Improving Care Through Teamwork

Discover how to change workflows and build care teams so your practice can provide higher quality care that is more patient centered, effective, and efficient.

Enhancing Access

Explore ways to meet the growing demand for primary care and expand patients’ access to needed services by offering alternatives to one-on-one office visits.

Self-Management Support

Learn how your practice can provide comprehensive self-management support that engages patients in their care and helps them take better care of themselves.

Population Management

Determine how to use population management to proactively identify gaps in care and reach out to patients overdue for treatment or preventive services.

Planned Care

Learn how to use EHR data and the team to organize visits so that they address care caps and provide all the services needed for the highest quality care.

Care Management

Find out how your practice can build a care management program that improves care and outcomes for patients with chronic illness.

Medication Management

Learn how your practice can help patients avoid dangerous medication errors, improve adherence, and achieve clinical targets through medication management.

Referral Management

Explore how referral management helps ensure timely completion of services for patients in need and facilitates exchange of information among providers.

Behavioral Health Integration

Discover ways to improve patient outcomes by better integrating care for mental, behavioral, and psychosocial issues into primary care.

Communication Management

Identify steps your practice can take to efficiently handle incoming communications—reducing risks for patients and easing the burden on busy providers and staff.

Clinic-Community Connections

Find out what your practice can do to better understand and represent the communities you serve, while building lasting relationships with community resources.