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    Scribes in primary care

    Using clinical assistants as scribes can give providers time to see more patients while better meeting the needs of patients. See how one LEAP site, Family Care Network, has made that happen.

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    Advanced Clinic Access

    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has guided many practices in making access improvements. In this resource, IHI presents a roadmap to shape demand, match supply and demand, and redesign the system to increase supply.

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    Group Health Group Visit Starter Kit

    Learn the steps learned to put group visits in place by Group Health Cooperative in Washington State. Effective and sustainable group visits can replace the need for 1:1 patient visits.

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    Proactively Engaging Patients

    Other team members have a role in engaging patients before, during, and after visits - even without a traditional provider encounter. In this presentation, several approaches are described along with examples of team care to expand opportunities for team members to engage patients for better outcomes.

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    Access Coordinator Job Description

    Learn about a role called Access Coordinator at LEAP site West County Health Centers. Provides benefits assistance, but also key part of building relational connection to the organization. Often sees pts and families before first clinic visit and highly valued by care teams