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WorkflowTemplates, flow sheets and mapping aids

  • Workflow

    Tracking incoming documents

    See how West County Health Centers, a LEAP site, routes different types of communications coming into the practice. This tool is also described in the webinar, also available in action step 1 of this topic.

  • Workflow

    Daily triage of abnormal labs

    West County Health Centers share their protocol for RN daily triage of abnormal labs, which is used to assure that critically abnormal labs are dealt with the same day. Guidance is also provided for examples of lab or imaging that does not require expedited action by clinical staff.

  • Workflow

    Refill and prior authorization workflows

    This one-page flow sheet from Vibrant Health Family Clinics lays out the steps needed for three common categories of calls to streamline their handling and assure consistency.

  • Workflow

    Workflow for incoming calls

    This triage sheet from Mercy Indianola describes how the routing for a call among the nine potential recipients is to be determined by its topic.

  • Workflow

    Managing workflow throughout the day

    See this workflow used to manage the clinicians' flow of work throughout the day at one LEAP site. This will prevent batching work until the end of the day and provide a more timely response to patient needs .

  • Workflow

    Call Routing Hierarchy & Rings of Defense, Job Aid

    This job aid from Group Health Cooperative in Washington state describes the hierarchy order used by the automated phone system to look for the appropriate team member who is understood by the system to be logged in and available. It describes the queueing process and both what is seen by staff on the phone lights, as well as what options the patient is given at each step.

  • Workflow

    Medication renewal guidelines (revised March, 2015)

    Here is an example of medical renewal guidelines from LEAP site Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene. These guidelines allow team members to identify the need for patient lab work or visits before processing incoming medication renewal requests. The guidelines were developed with provider input so that non-provider team members could safely and efficiently process renewals for a wide class of medications, as indicated in this document.

  • Workflow

    MA workflow for patient check-out

    This one-page Work Sheet lays out the standard process for patient checkout at Harvard Vanguard Atrius Health, including proactively looking to book follow-up visits and referrals to outside providers.

Webinar and power point presentations

  • Webinar and power point presentations

    Optimizing Communication Management

    In this webinar, learn how LEAP sites used the team to better manage non-clinical work, such as incoming phone calls, messages, and requests, allowing less provider involvement in these tasks. Gain in-depth understanding of how one LEAP site, West County Health Centers, has developed workflows involving the care team MA, RN, and front office staff. This webinar was recorded by the Center for Care Innovations, as part of a learning collaborative to help practices enhance access.

Role featuresJob descriptions, career ladders and other HR materials

  • Role features

    Patient Advocate job description

    This Care Team Patient Advocate job description is from Neighborhood Family Practice in Ohio. It describes the patient advocate's role in internal communication, including coordinating the daily team huddle, as well as ensuring proactive communication with patients and outside care systems and services.

  • Role features

    How the Patient Advocate fits into the care team

    This two-page graphic from Neighborhood Family practice in Ohio outlines the roles of Patient Advocate, Medical Assistant and Nurse and illustrates how administrative and clerical tasks can be removed from clinical staff's responsibilities, freeing nurses up for triage, patient visits, and patient education.

  • Role features

    Medical Secretary–job description

    This job description from Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates describes the functions of the medical secretary, a clerical role designed to not only answer phones and make appointments, but also to "improve clinical operations through coordination of contact between team clinicians, patients, and referrals outside the unit."