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    Principles for More Selective and Cautious Opioid Prescribing

    The National Summit for Opioid Safety was held in Seattle, Washington on October 31 and November 1, 2012, with support from the Group Health Foundation. It was co-sponsored by Group Health Research Institute; Project ROAM (Department of Family Medicine, University of Washington); and Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP).

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    Pain Management Group Curriculum

    This six-page curriculum lays out the goals of the "Hot Sauce" pain management group classes designed to help clients avoid controlled substance and street drugs. Clients are also encouraged to take part in the Clinic's varied complementary medicine resources, such as medication, yoga, and acupuncture. There are twelve sessions per group.

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    INR Instruction Sheet

    Learn about the INR protocol developed by one LEAP site. The INR, or international normalized ratio, is a measure of blood clotting time for patients on blood thinners such as warfarin. This one-page patient instruction sheet clearly directs the patient to either continue the current does or make specific changes.

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    Highland Family Medicine Controlled Substances Action Plan

    This planning document, from Highland Family Medicine in New York, outlines not only the steps the clinic was taking to continue to improve the plan, but also includes the site's controlled substance policy and the agreement that is discussed and signed by both the provider and the patient.

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    Patient Agreement for Use of Controlled Substances for Pain Management

    This two page form sets expectations for a patient initiating medications for pain, including consent for drug testing at the practice's discretion. It establishes who else is authorized to pick up narcotic prescriptions for the patient, and also serves as a record release agreement. It is to be signed by both the patient and the provider.

Clinical protocolStanding orders, risk stratification forms and hospital transition protocols

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    Coumadin Standing Order for Nurses

    See an example from one LEAP site of standing orders that nurses can use to manage coumadin treatment for patients without having to get orders from a physician.

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